Welcome to NSPCW

Nakul Shenoy’s Personal Competence Workshops (NSPCW) offers tailor-made training programmes to address your unique needs and hone your communication abilities. We leverage our vast expertise in the fields of persuasion, influence, and people behaviour to impart implementable learnings to enable effective communication.

Nakul Shenoy at one of his lecture demonstrations
Nakul Shenoy presenting his lecture demonstration at a corporate event

Our courses are hand-crafted and programmed to suit the varied individual needs of all sections of the corporate sphere; be it college students or sales executives, corporate consultants or management executives, we address your specific need of being an effective and persuasive communicator.

Our solutions draw from fields as diverse as Behavioural Psychology, NLP, Usability and Stage Magic to develop communication modules that empower you with powerful persuasive abilities that are seen only in the hands of a few world-class speakers and entertainers.